Nederlands - Beginners 1

With English you can function pretty well in Holland. But with Dutch a lot better—at work and at parties, with colleagues, family and friends, at your children’s school and in shops, etc. You´ll also be able to follow Dutch TV, radio, the papers and social media—and express your opinion. Knowing Dutch will make your life here richer, more interesting and more fun—gezelliger. 

Who for? 

This is a beginners´ course for people with very little or no knowledge of Dutch.  

The course 

The course focuses on vocabulary and language skills for everyday situations and topics: introducing yourself, shopping, socialising, family and housing.  

The lessons 

During the lessons you mainly practice with other students. You do this by talking to each other and completing assignments based on texts, audio and video fragments and games. You practice all skills, but especially speaking. Writing and reading you´ll practice at home. The groups are small, so you get a lot of practice and a lot of attention from the teacher. The lessons are taught in Dutch as much as possible and in English where necessary. The lessons are both entertaining and thorough, so you´ll keep improving—and having fun. 


At home you study and practise vocabulary and grammar, read brief texts and listen to audio and video material. Expect to spend two or three hours a week on exercises in the book and on its website. 


To help you find the right course, we use the codes of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can have reached the entry level in different ways: by taking a course, studying on your own, working or living in Holland, etc. You must have a basic knowledge of English. 

Entry level: very little or no knowledge of Dutch. 
Finishing level: A1 
Previous and next course  
Previous course: none 
Nextc course: Beginners 2 (A2) 

Course material 

Berna de Boer e.a.: Nederlands in gang. Third, revised edition. Coutinho, 2017. ISBN: 9789046905609. € 48,50. Includes access to an extensive website with vocabulary and grammar exercises and audio and video material. 

Please do not order the book until we have confirmed that the course goes ahead. 

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Lesdagen maandag, donderdag
Startdatum 16-09-2024, 19-09-2024
Einddatum 06-01-2025, 16-01-2025
Aantal lessen 14
Tijd 18:30 - 21:30, 10:00 - 13:00
Docent Amy van der Moore
Locatie NNB
Kosten <25 jaar €510,00, >25 jaar en ouder €570,00