BplusC in English

Do you speak English and want to follow a course at BplusC? You can!

BplusC is the organisation for knowledge, art and contact in Leiden and environs.

Besides a library, BplusC encompasses a music school, a dance and theatre school, an adult education institute, an art and image department (Kunst en Beeld), various stages and venues and the Leiden Centre for Amateur Art.

The language used in our classes and courses is, in principle, Dutch. Do you not speak Dutch, but you do speak English and you’d like to follow a course at BplusC? You can!
Most of our teachers speak good English and many lesson situations easily allow the teacher to communicate with individual students in English. This is no problem whatsoever in individual music lessons, for example, or visual art classes, where students are coached on an individual basis. As part of the BplusC Dance and Theatre School we even have a Theatre Course, especially for speakers of English. The language courses at BplusC Volksuniversiteit [Adult Education Institute] are usually also easy to follow for non-speakers of Dutch.

Hesitate no longer and contact us to find out what possibilities there are for you; phone us on 0900 23 23 000 or send an email to course@BplusC.nl. To have a look at all the courses we have on offer, please click here.

Would you like to enrol straightaway? Download an English-language registration form. There are two versions: registration for music lessons or registration for lessons/courses in general. 

Click here for the general terms and conditions for our lessons and courses.

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Music school (Muziekschool)
Dance and theatre school (Dans-en theaterschool)
Adult education institute (Volksuniversiteit)
Art and image department (Kunst en Beeld)

Photo: Shanka (LAFV)