Just Kidding Comedy Leiden

November is dark and lovely and full of LAUGHS with JUST KIDDING COMEDY LEIDEN!

This month we have the incredible Scotsman MARK NELSON with us straight from tele and his solo show Brexit Wounds!

This month we bring you Mark Nelson all the way from *not-so-sunny* Scotland! Winner of the Scottish Comedian of the Year Award, Pick of The Fringe Winner, and host of TV BBC's Bad Influencer - he is not to miss!, Mark Nelson’s mix of dark humour, cutting observations and superb one-liners has seen him firmly established as one of the UK’s biggest-hitting comedy powerhouses.

With a likeable manner on stage belying some of the stronger content, Nelson often has audiences laughing at things they know they really shouldn’t be laughing at. An MA degree in Politics from Glasgow University supports his brilliantly topical writing and, although his stand-up is certainly not for the easily offended, the material is intelligent, well conceived and beautifully crafted, all supported by a very confident delivery. He is therefore a very sought-after comedian and writer, with both the skill and intellect to be able to adapt his material to suit and entertain any club, theatre or corporate audiences.
"A remarkably accomplished stage presence… blistering material which pushes dangerously near the boundaries of good taste" The Sunday Times

When you first meet Tim, it’s hard to believe he was raised near a windmill, wearing tiny wooden shoes. Watching what has been referred to as an “unwholesome amount” of American TV shows, he grew up culturally confused and very, very nerdy. Tim was never the class clown. He was the kid sitting in the back of the room, drawing Star Trek parodies for his three friends.

Having spent the first half of his life as the quiet kid, Tim has since made up for lost time by backpacking, teaching English abroad and performing in any way he can. He does not approve of people calling him a hipster, meaning he probably is one, and sees the world as an absurd, meaningless and endlessly fascinating place.

Hassan el Rahaui is one of the fastest rising stars in the Dutch comedy world and anyone who has seen him immediately understands why. Because Hassan has a mountain of good jokes about his Moroccan family and a sympathetic style that immediately wins the hearts of the public.

And resident MC Carly Baker (USA) will hold our show together!

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