Nederlands 3


A basic knowledge of English and of the grammar terms in your mother tongue and/or English are required to attend a Dutch 3 course. This course is a follow-up course to Nederlands 2 (with level A2 of the CEF as end level) and is meant for those who have some knowledge of the Dutch language. People who have followed a course elsewhere and have reached level A2 are also welcome.

Dealing with more advanced grammar and building vocabulary is essential to this course. The new vocabulary is practised in written and oral exercises. Topics of the texts include work, studies and hobbies, travel, feelings, and education.

Participants are expected to spend several hours a week on homework. The target level is equal to the halfway level B1.1 of the CEF.

Course material: Berna de Boer, Margaret van der Kamp en Simone Pentermann: Nederlands in actie, Methode Nederlands voor hoogopgeleide anderstaligen. Vierde, herziene druk. Bussum, Uitgeverij Coutinho 2022. ISBN 978 90 469 0842 6

Nederlands in actie is a multimedia method consisting of a book with texts, wordlists and assignments, and an accompanying website with extra exercises and tests, audio and video documents, and a variety of supplementary material. A code in the book gives access to this website for eighteen months.
The Nederlands 3 course uses the first half of the book. The second half of this book will be dealt with in the follow-up course, Nederlands 4. By following both courses participants can reach level B1.2 of the CEF.

The fee does not include course material. Please buy the prescribed course book, once you have received confirmation from BplusC that the course will go ahead, and take it with you to the first session of the course.

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