Do-In-Yoga in English

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23 januari 2019
19:30 tot 20:30
22 mei 2019
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Onze docenten

  • Saskia

    van den Burg, Saskia

    Sinds 1999 beoefen ik diverse vormen van yoga waarvan Do-In Yoga het beste bij mij past. Een veelzijdige, speelse vorm, waarin vele invloeden terug te vinden zijn. De opleiding tot Do-In yoga-docent heb ik gevolgd bij de Do-In School, Den Haag. De Do-In Practitioner Opleiding heb ik in 2013 afgerond en de Do-In Teacher Opleiding in 2015. Door het volgen van themadagen, trainingen en workshops zorg ik voor verdere verdieping. Ik geef inmiddels drie jaar les.

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Do-In Yoga has its origin in Japan and has roots in China where the Taoists, like Lao Tze, closely studied the nature to achieve a better understanding of the human body and the relationships between man, nature and cosmos. This results in the philosophy of the five elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Practicing Do-In Yoga supports the self-healing ability of your body and through regular practice you will also be able to manage your body and mind which is very helpful in discomforts and tensions.

Do-In Yoga promotes suppleness, endurance and strength. Like the blood vessels and the lymphatic system, meridians (energy lines) run through your body. They ensure that the Ki (life energy) is transported. Blockages in the Ki can cause all kinds of physical, mental and emotional discomforts or even illnesses. With meditation and gentle exercises from Indian yoga, Martial Arts, T'ai Chi and Zenshiatsu, the Ki will start flowing and ensure that discomfort and tension are alleviated. Through exercises that promote agility, including the meridian stretching, you build strength from within and support the natural way of moving from the Hara (abdominal force). Practice strengthens the body but also gives insight into our emotions and thoughts. Moving consciously and with attention to experience and build up the power from within.

Do-In Yoga works on four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can enrich and develop in every level.

You will feel more comfortable in body and mind. It allows you to be more balanced and to manage better the challenges of life.

Do-In Yoga works on four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can enrich and develop in every level. In a relaxed, quiet way and with attention, the teacher brings you into the movements. The teacher gives directions where necessary but will always keep everyone's limits in mind. We all have different bodies and each body has its own limitations and challenges.

Before every lesson a participant can indicate whether there is a physical discomfort, injury, restlessness or a specific emotion. During the lesson, the teacher can respond to it and adjust exercises. The teacher is very sensitive and remarks often any kind of tension or discomfort in a person or group. She will adjust the lesson intuitional where necessary.

Materials needed?
The yoga studio has yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat. Wear comfortable clothing such as leggings / jogging pants and T-shirt / shirt during class and a warm cardigan and socks for the closing Savasana.

For who?
Do-In Yoga is accessible to everyone. Especially if you experience stiffness or discomfort in any other way. Each participant can deepen in his or her own way.

Please feel free to attend a free of charge trial lesson to find out if Do-In Yoga will suit you. It is always possible to join in any time.

Make sure you eat something light before coming to class. Preferable an hour in advance. After class it is advisable to drink a glass of (warm) water or herbal tea. This helps to clear negative energy.