Japanese 1 (English)

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25 september 2018
18:30 tot 20:00
15 januari 2019
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€ 190
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€ 190
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Onze docenten

  • Hinoue, Maki

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Communication using Japanese is the goal
The goal is not just to increase your knowledge of grammar and sentence patterns. At the starter’s level, for people who have just started studying Japanese, you take part in simple communication while doing things such as saying greetings, shopping and talking about tourist destinations.

Japanese 1 where the learners’ workloads are made as light as possible, in order for them to be able to maintain their study. This course is ideal for learners studying Japanese as a hobby, and learners studying Japanese for a trip.
Self-study: reading and writing Hiragana (Japanese alphabet), memorizing vocabulary, and doing exercises.
Books: Japanese for busy people 1, Romanized Version
ISBN 9781568363844
Kodansha America Auteur(s):Ajalt
Prize: € 34,50 (not included in the prize of the lessons)

The course is meant for those who have no (or very little) knowledge of Japanese. It consists of 12 weekly 1.5 hour sessions, in total 18 hours. It focuses on language skills in everyday situations on an elementary level. The lessons are in English.