Italian 1 (English)

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01 oktober 2018
19:00 tot 20:30
15 april 2019
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€ 289
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€ 289
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Onze docenten

  • Maria

    Marone, Maria

    In Turijn ben ik geboren en nu werk ik in Nederland als taallerares Engels (Cambridge-CELTA_ESOL) en taallerares Italiaans. Ik geef bij BplusC cursussen Italiaans (taal, cultuur en literatuur).

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Bij BplusC volgt u de beste les en cursus Italian 1 (English).

Italy is a beautiful and very diverse holiday country and has a lot to offer: good food and drink, a rich history, culture, art, stunning landscapes and more. An Italian language course is a good way to approach one or more of these aspects and to enjoy a holiday in Italy even more.

This is a beginner course and no prior knowledge of Italian is required.

The course will take you to start using simple phrases and rapidly expand your vocabulary while at the same time will provide information about Italian culture and habits through a native Italian teacher. Lessons are focused on all skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with special attention to speaking and listening. We will also work with grammar and pronunciation, with the whole group but often also in small groups of 2 to 4 students, sometimes by using games to strengthen the language.

Experience shows that 2 to 3 hours of home study, preferably divided in two or three sittings per week are necessary to support the learning process.

The course leads towards level A1 of the European Reference Framework. No knowledge of Dutch is required. Only the first part of the books will be handled in these first-level course.


Course books, not included in the course price: That’s Allegro 1 + 1 audio CD ISBN: 9789606632136, ca. 27 €; Libro dello studente ed esercizi 1 + CD ISBN: 9789606632136, ca. € 27,00 The books can be ordered at or via the teacher in the first lesson.



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