Willow Mae's Album Release

Willow Mae makes multidisciplinary pop/folk with influences of jazz. Multidisciplinary because: Music, spoken word and live visuals.

Her original music tells the story of Willow Mae’s personal longing and search for a blissful love. In a world full of independency and fear of missing out she asks how to be free and dependent of someone at the same time. All that is with a band consisting of 8-16 people. Her debut album is called Song of Songs and will be launched March 30th in Leiden. 

Willow Mae’s acoustic-based songs are inspired by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Sting. Sometimes there’s of Alanis Morissette, at other times her music is poetic, like Noa. With her instrumentation (vocals, backing vocals, el. guitar, ac. guitar, keys, bass, drums), Willow Mae pushes the boundaries of acoustic guitar music, whereas her performances are very much focussed on experience, giving her international potential. 

Willow Mae’s original songs are about her longing and search for blissful love. In a world full of independent people afraid of missing out, Willow Mae wonders how to both be free and interdependent. How do we find each other in harmony, so we can create strong relations, families and a strong and healthy society? 

Willow Mae’s multidisciplinary show, a cross-over between music theatre and a concert, is an intense adventure with lyrical music, (English) spoken word and live visuals. She has played a range of venues and theatres, such as Grounds Rotterdam and Theater Walhalla. Her release tour in spring 2019 will feature festivals, among others Goois Jazz Festival, and clubs, such as Bird Rotterdam.

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